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Future Scope of AR and VR in India | TechXR

The AR-VR technology with a forecasted market size of USD $1,274.4 billion by 2030, will make sure that every businessperson consults the experts and enters this domain to get a bigger chunk.

Moreover, tech giants are already into the metaverse hype created by facebook by changing its name to ‘meta’.

Why AR & VR ?

The markets of AR-VR tech which is on the verge of adoption, are bound to grow fast because of factors like high demand for smartphone-based AR, growing takeovers and company mergers, advancement of AR-VR technology, high demand for advanced tools in the entertainment sector, and more adoption of AR VR technology in education, health care, and retail industries.

On a global scale, the AR and VR market has been projected to cross USD 161 billion by 2025 growing at a compound annual growth rate of over 48%. Big shot companies are already working on the creation of AR and VR devices. Microsoft has released its hololens and google has released google glass. Some software development kits are also promoting users to create their own AR experience online, like the spark AR. With numerous Spark AR creators in the community today, AR continues to be a growing medium for expression and connection. In fact, more than 700 million people use their AR effects each month.

This technology has also got a major role to play in the field of security. Defence and PSU sectors are one of the biggest users of simulation and visualisation for training, learning and product designing. AR military systems can test any weaponry before use; for example, ARC4 connects to military satellites and drones as well as highlights dangers and threats in AR mode. Indian defence systems can also enhance their strategy and use these technologies for such visual information such as horizon line, aircraft speed and altitude.

Future of Virtual Reality Market

The below image explains the potential of VR Applications by catagory.


Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) will multiply 21-fold from 2019-2022.

AR & VR Growth in Career

Future scope of AR and VR – Living in the extended reality is fun but to be able to pursue a career in that is fantastic! isn’t it?

With the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating the adoption of new-age technology across the world, AR and VR as career options is gaining traction. Every sector, right from entertainment such as gaming, to healthcare manufacturing and education is using these technologies in innovative ways. As a result, AR and VR developers have now become some of the most sought-after professionals in the tech-powered business landscape. AR and VR also form the cornerstones of the metaverse. So upcoming career options in this field are enormous. Ranging from graphic designers to developers, 3D designers and software designers, this field offers a wide career option with handsome pay.

Challenges of the Tech in verge


The exorbitant prices of the devices like Oculus rift, hololens, google glass etc, that incorporate this technology is one of the prime reasons why it hasn’t been able to gain that wide popularity. Tech Giants are working on to generate pocket friendly versions of these devices to make them more accessible world wide.

Lack of demand

For companies venturing into and adopting virtual reality, there is virtually no competition in the market. This discourages the development of VR and AR systems and its acceleration in adoption. Mostly, the technology is adopted by tech enthusiasts and early adopters. There is also a lack of viable business models. Companies are lacking viable cost-effective business models and strong industry standards and vision to drive the industry are lacking.

Lack of awareness

Many people don’t care about VR because they do not use it on a daily basis and have no idea of VR and its capability.

How to Cope?

To popularise this technology and to make it viable and affordable to customers is the first and foremost step.

Some devices like Google Cardboard VR are available at affordable Prices but are not interactive.
Some pocket friendly interactive devices are being created by the indeginous companies whitch are on the mission to create awareness about the technology to the masses

For instance

TechXR developer’s Cube is a cost effective cardboard device witch helps to study 3D models in augmented Reality.

It is vital to make the common man aware of this technology by making the AR-VR development courses accessible to people at affordable rates. With the boom of this tech in the market, we shall be able to create more employability in the nation for which one would need to learn the technology.

How to start with AR and VR Development?

Learn AR-VR Development in 6 Weeks
The 6 weeks Boot Camp program provides students, engineers and developers an overview of AR-VR app development cycle.

The program provides Basic training to get familiar with Unity 3D development environment, basic C# scripting, 3D environment creation, image target based and markerless AR development, 360 degree trackable AR development, 6 Degrees of Freedom (DoF) interactable VR application / game development. With this course, students can develop high quality interactive XR experience and learn app development on smartphones without having costly hardware. In the end students / developers can create interactive MVP/ Project for exciting career opportunities in AR-VR metaverse domain.

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