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Augmented Reality and its top 5 Practical Applications| TechXR

Augmented reality (AR) has just turned into a popular expression in the realm of innovation. This fast-growing industry is about to touch the mark of 70 billion dollars in the global market by 2025.
The implications of putting AR into work are endless. Some of the top-5 Use Cases of AR are as follows.

AR in Education

AR solutions can revamp the education system by bringing in the spark that has been in need for a long time. AR can enable students to get a deeper insight into the topic they are studying.
Students can see things like chemical reactions without having to deal with concentrated acids at a much younger age. They can also view topics like the solar system and play with them to better understand the planetary arrangement. Even the complex sample slides can be simplified with AR and can be experienced in a much better manner without a microscope.
Physical books can be further enhanced with the help of AR. Supposedly, if you interact with a difficult model or topic while reading a chapter, 3D models with simplified detailed explanations can pop up making the learning easy.
Skilled education will also be easy primarily in the field of mechanical engineering. You can easily educate students on what they have to do next. AR can also help skilled professional do their job with extreme precision, which traditionally requires a lot of effort.

Augmented Reality Cubes can be used to intensify the immersive experience in learning. Such cubes are immensely attractive and create a tangible experience for consumers. These cubes are not only jaw-dropping but also rewarding as they retain the users for a longer duration. For instance, TechXR’s Developer cube provides a 3D AR experience that enables deeper understanding to the students by providing fantastic 3D details in precision.

AR in Medical Sciences

Augmented Reality Solutions offers room for a colossal improvement in present-day medical technology. AR provides a good scope of improvement in the existing medical technology by simplifying the tasks of doctors.
Physicians generally state that X-Rays and Scan reports are sometimes hard to analyze. Now let’s suppose CT scans had a “real-world view” allowing doctors to actually see under the skin. Imagine the wonders it can create in the medical field! This is will enable doctors to know exactly where to inject and make proper incisions.
According to experts, with inputs from AR, doctors will be able to better understand the problems of the patients. Better understanding will lead to better solutions and provide required care at an agile pace. So overall, AR can improve medical precision and also reduce prospects for mishaps.
With AR another vital thing that could be practically worked out is to show the first responders to a scene, during an emergency, what to do and how to act. First aid information may be displayed and with AR pointing out things they would need to do – like, press the chest over here, and AR will help point in the direction.
For instance, doctors at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston have been dealing with emergencies with the help of Google Glass since 2013 to immediately view patient information and act upon the situation a little quicker and easier.

Augmented Reality in Infrastructure

Augmented Reality can bring a major coup in the field of Infrastructure. For instance, building and repairing public places require a huge amount of work which AR can help simplify.
With more and more AR solutions coming up, blueprints can be completely visualized before they are made. This way we can inspect the blueprint and modify the changes accordingly beforehand. Repairing buildings and other amenities can also be made easier. Builders can easily visualize the damaged part and act upon it at a faster pace.
Never before we have been able to have a building on-site before it’s built, but now it is possible with AR. AR works wonders in architecture by providing a far more accurate view of what will be built. Trying to explain a new design to a client can be tough. Most architects have transitioned from creating solely 2D plans to creating 3D models of their designs. This works perfectly in alignment with augmented reality as now these models can be used to their full potential.
The greatest benefit of using augmented reality is that it gives us a sense of scale that isn’t possible through a computer monitor. Using AR enables us to stand inside the building at full scale. For architects that are trying to illustrate a sense of flow through a building, AR is the perfect technology to do this. Then the architect can add furniture or other objects to the model to help understand the sense of scale in a much better manner. The client can physically walk around the furniture and get a feeling of how big the space is.

AR in Shopping

Shopping for clothes online sucks! Very often there are size mismatches and good chances that the color won’t suit you. Well, AR can manage the guesswork for you. You can have a 360-degree view of how clothes will look on you purchase them. The size of your clothing and apparel could be accurately measured with advanced measuring technologies. This will enable you to buy clothes of perfect fitting online without the nuisance of trials and returns of the products.

AR also enables the ease of tryouts. Recently giants like Amazon have also begun to place their digital catalogs as AR tryouts, and the response has been remarkable. Every brand big or small is starting to allow users to put their products virtually, as it has significant advantages. One can try out a product instantly, no inventory is required, and no inventory damage. Consumers love this fun-filled instant experience as it’s easy to visualize and discuss suggestions resulting in better conversion results for the business.
Furniture shopping is already seeing a change. Stores like IKEA show how furniture will look in real life before you purchase them. You can even place the furniture in a particular location, like your living room to see how would it look when you purchase them.

Grocery shopping can also be healthified by viewing the AR list of the nutritional value of your product. No more second-guessing whatever item you need to buy. You can also take a look at how the product actually looks within the package.
AR solutions also provide space for personal makeup and shopping. Cosmetic companies can show you how makeup needs to be applied and what the end result will look like. They can also provide an AR preview of the final look. Even tattoos and hair transplantation can be visualized beforehand.

AR in Advertisements and Gaming

Print-to-live advertisements have to be one of the most popular Augmented Reality implementations, for are simple, cost-efficient, and utilize existing assets. Several brands have launched videos and interactive objects to provide real-world interactions to promote their products. This simple and cost-effective solution does bring the “wow” factor to gain more in-depth brand recall and far more substantial ROI on print investments.
Many brands are enabling print-to-live AR which is simple and effective. Moreover, it has everyday use in their product packaging to other print materials.

Gaming in AR is also on the rise. AR gaming is trending ever since Pokemon Go made a pogo around. More and more games are trending that use cameras and gyroscopes to utilize the AR capabilities making way for immersive gaming.
Augmented Reality needs to engage the user. Nintendo nailed down this strategy with its game “Pokemon Go”. This simple game not only got attraction but made the users move around like crazy in the physical world. The app made the record for highest revenue by an app in a month and also the most downloaded mobile game. These statistics are stunning proofs that Mobile Games with AR experiences work wonders.
Since then several companies have adopted the game strategy and are reaping benefits. Expanding on the idea of AR games, tour guide applications can provide a virtual assistant to navigate through various places in addition to already available AR-inspired notes.


AR is emerging as one of the key drivers of the tech economy. AR is already showing potential to solve some of the biggest problems and pain points. There is no field left out where AR cannot be put to use. So let’s get ready to evidence the great AR surge in the tech field very soon.
It’s time to get your hands on AR technology so that you’re not left out.

TechXR Innovations brings a wealth of experience in AR-VR technology development. The motto of the company is to democratize access to emerging technologies like AR and VR by making them affordable and accessible to the common man. The firm also provides affordable i-HUB IIT Rourkee recognized courses in AR-VR development, allowing anybody to master AR-VR App Development. Click here to enroll in TechXR’s AR-VR courses.

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