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Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) have changed the way we interact with the world around us. These technologies are transforming the way we learn, play, and work. However, the high cost of these devices has limited their accessibility. SenseXR Controller is India’s most affordable XR device and is priced at just INR 3999/-. In this blog, we will discuss the SenseXR Controller and its features.

India’s most frugal XR device is just at 3999/-: The SenseXR Controller is a cost-effective XR device that is accessible to a wider audience. It is designed to provide a high-quality immersive experience at an affordable price.

SenseXR requires a compatible smartphone: Works with Android and iOs: The SenseXR Controller works with both Android and iOS devices. You simply need to connect your smartphone to the controller to start experiencing immersive technologies.

6 DoF : Comes with control buttons and joystick: The SenseXR Controller has six degrees of freedom, making it easy to navigate and interact with the virtual world. The control buttons and joystick provide a user-friendly interface.

Comes with SenseXR Play free app: The SenseXR Play app provides a range of free experiences that are STEM-based. This means that they focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The app is perfect for students and educators who are looking for new and innovative ways to learn.

300+ free Stem based Learning experiences: The SenseXR Play app provides over 300 STEM-based learning experiences. These experiences cover a range of subjects and are suitable for students of all ages.

Build your tech skills with XR Blocks: XR Blocks is a drag-and-drop programming platform that allows you to create your own VR, AR, and MR experiences. This platform is perfect for those who want to build their tech skills and explore their creativity.

Boost your creativity: The SenseXR Controller is designed to provide an immersive experience that encourages creativity. Whether you are exploring new worlds or creating your own experiences, the SenseXR Controller is a great tool for boosting your creativity.

XR gaming platform: The SenseXR Controller also includes an XR gaming platform. The platform provides immersive 3D visualizations that take gaming to a whole new level. The platform is compatible with AR, VR, and MR, providing a versatile gaming experience.

Immersive 3D Visualisation: The SenseXR Controller provides an immersive 3D visualization experience. This experience is perfect for those who want to explore new worlds or learn in a more immersive way.

Works in AR, VR and MR: The SenseXR Controller is compatible with AR, VR, and MR. This means that it can be used in a wide range of applications, including education, gaming, and training.


The Sense XR Controller is India’s most affordable XR device. It is designed to provide a high-quality immersive experience at an affordable price. The SenseXR Controller requires a compatible smartphone and comes with a range of features, including six degrees of freedom, control buttons and joystick, SenseXR Play app, XR Blocks, XR gaming platform, and immersive 3D visualization. These features make the SenseXR Controller a versatile tool that is perfect for students, educators, gamers, and anyone interested in immersive technologies. With the SenseXR Controller, you can explore new worlds, learn in a more immersive way, and boost your creativity.

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