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To better understand the growth potential and scope of augmented reality and virtual reality in the context of the global games business, it’s helpful first to have a sense of the industry’s overall size and scope.

According to International Data Corporation, AR/VR produced $12 billion in sales in 2020, with a predicted growth of $72.8 billion in 2024. The gaming business currently contributes 80% of revenues. Other organizations predict similar market development in the following years, projecting that the industry will rise exponentially by more than $160 billion by 2025.

Scope of metaverse

One thing is certain: many gaming firms are significantly investing in the development of AR and VR technologies, and we can expect a lot more game releases, types of equipment, and another scope of gaming in AR-VR field in the future years.

VR Games

Now, look into some VR game genres that provide a unique and immersive VR experience. This is not an exhaustive list of VR gaming possibilities; rather, these are the games we believe are best enjoyed in VR.

Shooting Games: Aiming with weapons is a common VR gaming action. All of them are intriguing in terms of the technology employed and the level of immersion provided to gamers. Some of the best VR shooting games are

    Zero Caliber (Windows)
    Stand Out (Windows)
    Skyfront (Windows)
    Contractors VR (Quest, Windows)
    War Dust (Windows)

Beat Saber: So far, Beat Saber is the absolute king of virtual reality, with more copies sold than any other VR game in history. Beat Saber is a one-of-a-kind VR rhythm game in which you aim to slash the beats as they come at you. Every beat tells which saber to employ and the direction to match.

Racing games: VR makes racing games more realistic than ever due to head-mounted displays that make it appear as if you’re truly in the game. Because players can now move freely, game makers create a greater selection of VR racing games. Some of the best VR racing games are

    Live For Speed
    Assetto Corsa

AR Games

Let’s now explore the different AR game genres

Real-time Strategy games: Real-time strategy games do an excellent job of recreating the ideal environment. Each player controls a limited number of troops, and their game actions are dictated by their current position, which can change quickly. Some of the best AR Real-time strategy games are

    Knightfall AR
    Temple Treasure Hunt
    Jurassic World

Multiplayer games: Multiplayer games are undoubtedly the greatest type of augmented reality game to play. They mix two essential elements of entertainment: competition and collaboration. Each player in a multiplayer AR game controls a character in the game. Some of the best AR Multiplayer games are

    Pokemon Go.
    Neyon Clash
    AR Sports Basketball

Simulator games: Virtual characters are possible because of the technology that enables AR games. Virtual characters interact with you and exist in your environment, making the game more realistic. Some of the best AR Simulator games are

    AR Sports Basketball
    Beer Pong AR
    Shark in The Park

Although the average PC or laptop user will never be a major VR player, hundreds and thousands of VR games for these two platforms have already been launched. Let’s start by looking at devices that support AR-VR games and then examine what kinds of games are available for both VR and AR.

VR games for PC: When virtual reality became popular in gaming, laptop and computer manufacturers began to include VR in their products. These new solutions are often far less costly than specialized VR gear. VR on your PC provides a lot of detail at a fraction of the cost of specialized VR gear.

VR games for mobile devices: These games are meant for use with Google Cardboard or comparable headsets and require minimal smartphone capabilities, generally only a CPU and adequate memory.

VR games for game consoles: These are generally intended for folks who already play console games. Because VR games on game consoles employ headgear rather than full VR systems, their capabilities are limited. The Sony PlayStation VR Platform is one such example.

Scope of Developing AR-VR Games

Virtual reality and augmented reality are changing the way people play video games. It adds entirely new aspects to this field. The VR experience may be much closer to what you feel in real life, adding to the thrill. Here are some more scopes of AR-VR in gaming.

    Virtual reality games allow users to engage with one another. Unlike traditional gaming, which requires participants to be physically present in the same room, virtual reality provides limitless options for social interaction.

    Online gaming has grown in popularity among young people, and VR gaming allows them to join game parties with their pals. Virtual reality and video games are not mutually exclusive technology.

    AR also adds variation and change to games in real-time. A game in which the characters’ motion is significantly more flexible is far more engaging.

    AR allows us to play in three dimensions. As we all know, in the real world, we can move back and forth, up and down, and side to side, although we cannot generally do so in a game.

Summing Up!

It has the potential Scope of Gaming in Metaverse to transform the way people engage with technology and people for a variety of reasons, such as professional jobs, gaming, trade, controlling legal procedures, game streaming, video conferencing, and so on.
Gamers compete in an immersive environment using Metaverse. They make money by streaming 3D games and minting and trading gaming NFTs.

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