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Anyone who has ever been in the position of a software developer would have realised the amount of effort and labor that goes into developing an app. Even in the simplest apps, numerous concerns exist that need to be considered and addressed (such as scalability, compatibility, and resource consumption). When it comes to complex apps that incorporate 3D graphics, advanced functionality, and innovative technologies such as augmented reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR), the development process can appear to be a hopelessly tangled web of threads that all need to be tied together to create something unitary. This is where SDKs play an important role.

What exactly is an SDK?

SDK, which stands for Software Developer Kit, is a type of augmented reality or Virtual software that is simply a bundle of programs and applications used to construct additional software.

The fundamental advantage of SDKs is that they enable developers to use common and time-tested solutions and shortcuts in the development process rather than tackling all generic and common issues separately and spending time on them.

Let’s look at some popular AR-VR creation softwares in the developer community.

Unity 3D

It has been used to produce games and 3D solutions for industries such as gaming, automotive, transportation, manufacturing, film, animation, and cinematics. It illustrates the program’s potential and is highly recommended if you are an experienced AR and VR designer.

Vuforia Engine

It is the most popular SDK for developing Augmented Reality apps. Vuforia Engine, first released by Qualcomm, is a complete toolset that allows you to create compelling 3D product demos and applications. It links individuals to products via an immersive augmented reality experience.

Adobe Aero

It is well-known for producing some of the greatest art and design products. One may create remarkable designs by combining 2D pictures from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with 3D models from Adobe Substance 3D Stager and third-party programs like Cinema 4D.

The Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) provides a robust set of VR software development tools to teams and works with a wide range of VR technologies. With UE4, you may modify the tool with scripts written in C++/Python, a multiplayer framework, and a customizable editor.


ARKit is Apple’s go-to program for developing AR apps that detect and analyze users’ surroundings for AR visualization using camera sensor data and some extra data. Fast motion tracking, face tracking, Quick Look, and numerous rendering effects are also supported by ARKit. Apple has worked hard to make AR simple and easy to understand for developers, delivering ARKit training materials and upgrades (ARKit 1.5, ARKit 2, ARKit 3) with each new iOS release.


ARCore is similar to ARKit, another software produced by Google, and the platform is Android. ARCore includes the conventional AR feature set and advanced capabilities such as augmented photos and multiplayer (rendering the same 3D objects on several devices simultaneously).

Spark AR Studio

Spark AR Studio is a Facebook application. It allows you to design Augmented Reality filters on the Facebook and Instagram. Spark AR Studio has all the features and capabilities you need, from simple templates and asset libraries to advanced customizations and controls. It is the best software for newbie javascript writers and 2D artists to advanced 3D modelers and visual effects creators.

Lens Studio

Lens Studio is a desktop software for Mac and PC that allows you to create, publish, and share spectacular augmented reality experiences. Your Lenses may be shared on Snapchat and the Snap Camera desktop app. Lens Studio is a simple, real-time tool for producing quick shots, and it allows you to design both front and rear camera lenses simply.

Summing Up!

AR-VR development platforms generate AR-VR applications that build a mixed reality composite of the actual environment. Users may engage with the AR-VR environment and manipulate items like real-world objects. This is performed by combining ARiVR software with AR-VR enabled gears such as headsets, smartphones, and smart glasses.

TechXR is an AR-VR development business that offers interesting, competitive, and high-quality virtual augmented, and mixed reality development services for forward-thinking organizations. The firm also provides affordable i-HUB IIT Rourkee recognized courses in AR-VR development, allowing anybody to master AR-VR App Development. Click here to enroll in TechXR’s AR-VR courses.

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