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Types of Jobs in Metaverse Industry in India | TechXR

According to Statista, AR/VR and associated technologies will increase global GDP by 450.5
billion US dollars by 2030, and over 23 million jobs will be generated to support AR/VR and
related industries.

VR technology is set to enter the market at a big level, and if you want to work in VR, now is the
time to do it. The change from Facebook to Meta Platforms and their stated focus on developing
the metaverse and the technology to navigate it will likely boost the already rapid pace of VR
development even further.

VR offers a variety of professional options. There are VR developer jobs, VR engineer jobs, and
VR designer jobs in general, but you may also be a technical artist, UI/UX designer, or 3D
modeler, and this is not the complete list.

It’s also evident that virtual reality is a growing industry. The worldwide virtual reality industry is
expected to expand from less than $5 billion in 2022 to more than $12 billion by 2024.
Jobs range from small businesses (creators of material for games or business solutions) to
megacorporations with top expertise in real-time artificial intelligence or Mixed Reality artists.

Types of Jobs Metaverse Industry

Check this list if you’re looking for the most recent and attractive types of jobs in AR-VR and the metaverse

1. Software Developer / Senior Software Engineer

All companies that invest in, test, or venture into XR will require XR software developers.
The need for developers will be exponential in such a rapidly rising business.

However, the abilities necessary to flourish in this field will be as flexible as the business
itself. While most businesses expect you to be able to write in C# and C++, the more
languages you know, the better.

Payscale: Although Zip Recruiter reports an $85,000 annual pay for XR software
engineers, this value varies by city, talent, and experience. XR developers with advanced
skills may make more than $156,000 per year.

2. AR/VR Maintenance and Support

Industries are turning to augmented reality to eliminate machine repair mistakes and
increase precise maintenance. This is where an AR maintenance and support specialist
can help. You’d utilize your AR knowledge to teach and advise maintenance and repair
support employees using the technology in their jobs.

Payscale: The income for this position varies depending on location and expertise.
The national average is around $99,000. Meanwhile, the average pay is more than

3. Design/Graphics Engineer

XR design or graphics engineers work with artists and designers to produce and improve
on experience prototypes, bridging the gap between graphics and vision-based research.
They also manage their company’s 3D asset standards and produce new visualizations
and effects.

Payscale: This job pays more than $84,000 on average and up to $92,313 in major cities.
Some of the highest-paid graphics engineers make an average of $212,850 annually.

4. Software Engineer

Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality Software Engineers are essential members of a
company’s R&D team. They create new software and features that allow diverse XR
technologies to operate together. They also work on the software and hardware
components of VR/AR/MR technologies.

Payscale: The annual salary for XR software developers is $101,000, and cities pay more
than $107,000 and $118,000 a year, respectively

5. XR Gameplay and Tools Engineer

The XR Gameplay and Tools Engineer is in charge of developing debugging, scripting, and
profiling tools. They provide solutions that help developers reduce the time it takes to
iterate software. They also assist in improving developer tools and increasing workflow

Payscale: The compensation rate varies depending on whether you work in XR gaming
or XR tools engineering. Augmented Reality game engineers make $107,000, with top
earners earning more than $230,000.

Summing Up!

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