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What Are the Challenges of AR-VR Courses in Universities of India

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are currently two of the most promising technologies on the planet. AR/VR technologies are being used in various industries, from healthcare and education to entertainment and retail. For Indian undergrads, learning AR/VR development is especially important as it can open up many doors for them in terms of future career opportunities. Being proficient in AR/VR development can give a competitive edge in the job market, as many companies are now beginning to incorporate these technologies into their products and services. Learning AR/VR development can be extremely beneficial as it can help India capture 20% of the Global AR/VR Market. Even AICTE identifies AR/VR as cutting-edge technology and recommends Indian Universities to conduct related courses in AR/VR development.

Inspite of the buzz around AR/VR, Indian Universities have been very stagnant in adopting it. One of the major issues could be the lack of funding and resources. Additionally, there is often a lack of training and expertise for faculty and students in AR/VR development.

Let’s go through the following points to explore in detail.

1. High Cost: The cost associated with creating, developing and deploying AR-VR courses in universities is quite high. The hardware, software and other materials required for such courses are cost prohibitive and may not be affordable to all universities.

2. Lack of Appropriate Content: The content and materials required for AR-VR courses are not easily available, as the technology is still quite new and is developing at a fast pace therefore there is a lack of suitable curriculum and course materials.

3. Lack of Faculty Expertise: It is difficult to find faculty members who are experts in the field of AR-VR. This makes it difficult to develop and deploy such courses in universities.

4. Limited Use Cases: AR-VR technology is still in its early stages, and so there may be limited use cases for students to apply the technology in their studies.

5. Limited Accessibility to AR-VR Hardware and Software: AR-VR technologies are not easily accessible in India, as the technology is still in its infancy. This makes it difficult for universities to access the hardware and software for AR-VR courses.

6. Lack of Awareness: Many students are not aware of the potential of AR-VR technology, and they may not be motivated to take such courses. This makes it difficult for universities to promote such courses.

7. Lack of Industry Exposure: Universities in India are not yet able to provide students with proper industry exposure due to the lack of industry-academic collaborations.

8. Scalability: Another challenge for universities is the scalability of AR/VR. Universities need to figure out a way to scale their AR/VR courses for larger audiences.

How TechXR can help in overcoming the Challenge?

TechXR has innovated India’s frugal most XR controller- SenseXR, which paired with a simple VR box and a smartphone can give an experience as sound as a high-end VR headset.
SenseXR, which costs less than 5% of the available alternatives can help in experiencing as well as in content generation in Augmented and Virtual Reality. With a dream of truly democratising the access of AR/VR to Indian Masses, TechXR’s innovation can prove to be a boon to Indian Students and Developers.

Apart from this, TechXR has also vetted AR-VR Development Courses in collab with i-Hub IIT-Roorkee. The affordable courses provide complete learning of AR/VR Development right from scratch for coders and non-coders as well!

Here are some other amazing features of the course!

  • Course Designed by IIT faculty
  • Developer’s kit with required Hardware and Software
  • Bootcamp Based with weekly live class
  • Industry ready Use case Projects covered
  • Certification from IIT Roorkee
  • 24*7 Doubt Clearance Support
  • Placement Support
  • Costs less than 1/4th of the available alternatives

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